Cable Ties
Data Sheet
Product Description
3M Cable Ties are molded from 6/6 Nylon and are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors including weatherresistant black for outdoor use.

Specialty Ties
Low Profile Ties – Low profile Cable Ties feature a streamlined head for space and snag reduction. Mounting Ties –Features a mounting hole that allows the bundle to be attached to a surface with a screw. Identification Ties – Allows the user to tie and identify bundles of cable inone operation. The tag area on the surface may either be imprinted or written on with a marking pen. Stainless Steel Ties – Manufactured with 316 Stainless Steeldesigned for use in extreme environments where weather, salt, or excessive vibration exists. Releasable Ties – Ties remain securely locked until intentionally released forwire removal or additions using the finger catch.

Agency Listings
Products with the UR symbol noted in the Typical Data section meet UL Standard 1565 for WirePositioning Devices. UL File #E116841.

3M Cable Ties are used to secure wire bundles and harness components quickly. The flexible design allows the userto slip ties easily under and around cables and harnesses. The bend of the tail makes it easier to grasp, position and insert into the head. 3M Cable Ties can be usedwith most standard tensioning/cutoff tools for fast production line fastening

Cable Tie Mounting Bases:
3M Cable Tie Bases are molded from 6/6 nylonand ABS available in natural or weather-resistant black material. They are also available in different sizes and mounting abilities. The self-adhesive style is for [continua]

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