Bulimia, anorexia y otros desordenes alimenticios

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Name: Bruno Ramirez Class: 7D Date:2/12/2012
Biology Eating Disorders

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✓ Complete the chart about eating disorders. Include detailed information andexplanations in your own words; use the questions in each box as a guide, but write in paragraph form. You only have the space provided, so summarize your ideas adequately:


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Eating disorders (general information)

An eating disorder is an illness caused either by emotional ofphysical causes, that can consist on eating to little or eating too much. It causes disturbances to our everyday diet and threatens one’s life. Eating disorders can be caused by cultural pressures andother problems such as bullying and stress. Familiar problems can also cause eating disorders. Eating disorders such as obesity and overweight are really common in Mexico, especially among young women andadolescents.


Anorexia is an eating disorder where people “starve themselves” and it can be caused by psychological issues, social pressures or low self-esteem. Anorexia ischaracterized by extreme thinness, extreme diet restrictions and fear of gaining weight. Some symptoms or consequences can be weakness, bone thinning, and brain damage. Yellowish-dry skin, feeling...
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