Bullfighting and rodeos

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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2012
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Universidad Central de Venezuela
Facultad de Humanidades y Educación
Escuela de Idiomas Modernos
English II / Section: A2

1. Bullfighting
2. Rodeos
II. Body
A. Definition
1. What means bullfighting?
2. What means rodeo?
B. Sports or Torture?
1. Animal’s treatment2. Machismo
3. Sexism
C. Humiliation as an entertainment
III. Conclusion
Bullfighting is a term of Spanish origin, from “corer”, which means run. This discipline is especially present inSpain, Portugal, in the South of France or in some countries of South America. It's a battle between a bull and a bullfighter. These battles take place in arenas. Sometimes calls as an art, but that’snot what is… It is a science... the science of torture!
The word “rodeo” was borrowed from the Spanish cowboys or vaqueros. Rodeo is a form of the verb “rodear”, which means 'to surround' or'round-up'. The word was used to describe the act of gathering cattle before a cattle drive.
Rodeos are types of widespread show around the world are held in different countries and, despite the fact thatin each region they develop in a particular way, there is an element common to all: cruelty to non-human animals.
The rodeo is a cruel practice with animals for various reasons. Animals used are, inreality, very tame beings developers, based on being beaten and subjected to electric shocks to give the impression that they are scared and aggressive. In order to make the animals looks like to beuntamed and angry, they use iron bars, spurs, straps and electric batons, whips. Also hit them repeatedly, and twisted them tails so they jump from pain and may seem wild and aggressive.
Just likebullfighting, rodeos are deeply sexist shows, in which men demonstrate their presumed virility abusing, submitting and killing animals. It is no coincidence that the victims are, in the majority of...
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