Bullying consequence

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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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Bullying consequence.
In this essay I’m gone a talk to a very important problem that are in the schools of teenagers and I will make an analysis of what can we do to avoid bullying and what are decauses and the consequence of this global issue.
Bullying is one form that the children’s or teenagers can have aggressive behavior or moral attack, aggressive behavior and bullying are even morecommon in elementary school than in junior. Some studies suggest that around 20 percent of all American children have been the victim of bullying at some point in elementary school, and about the samenumber have described themselves as engaging in some form of bullying behavior. Bullying can range from stealing lunch money, to a group of students physically abusing a classmate. Some of the reasonsthat make that the children make bullying is that they have the intention of bullying behavior is purposeful, rather than accidental, the goal is to actually gain control over another child throughphysical or verbal aggression, bullies make their attack without any real reason, other than they see their victim as an easy target and the most popular reason is that bullies are usually more popularwith their peers than children who are simply aggressive. Bullying can look like in the school, being a victim is the most common in second grade, and being bullied decreases each year after that.Bullies in elementary school are more likely to pick on children younger than themselves. Bullying is often very physical in nature, with open attacks of aggression being the most common. Boys are morelikely to be doing the bullying, but girls and boys are equally likely to be victims.
The most important causes of bullying in elementary school are parental relationship, this mean that these familiesalso report trouble sharing their feelings and usually rate themselves as feeling less close to each other. Parent of bullies also tend to use inconsistent discipline and little monitoring of where...
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