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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Bullying is a seriously problem that the majority of schools have in common. Bully is basically when a student is attacked by other student for several reasons. One of themost frequent reasons is because how they look. The Fashion is one of the most important factors to be attacked by the “bullies” people who cares about intimidate the rest of the students. It peoplemade these horrible and incommode situations just because those students are tend to be more smarter than the rest of student or simply because they don’t look fashionable. However, Bullying had been abig deal when we talk about schools.
As I writing before one of the most important factors is the fashion, many students are affected by fashion because they don’t lookfashionable. Popular people is responsible about this act and it’s like a kingdom when we talk about fashion o population in schools. First of all, In the top of the pyramid there are the most popular people,this people is likely to be high fashionable people or the most values players of the school. Secondly, there are the bullies, but this people are not so fashionable although they are too rude, theydon’t respect the other selves. Finally, there are the losers or the victims, anyway it people is the most affect by bullying at the school and anybody things about their world or dreams.Losers are very smart and shy, they don’t talk with anyone. They just talk with themselves, but there is a point that everyone ignores and is what they would like to do like everyone, they wouldlike to be popular although they are very smart. On the other hand there are the losers that are not too smart, but they like the comic magazines or an unusual hobby such as stay every moment surfingin the web that are not the social networks. In other words, they have their own world separate from the real life. It people usually spend their weekends time alone in their computers, they don’t...