Business meeting

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Order of Business

• Call to Order
• Opening Ceremonies
o Invocation/Grace
o Pledge of Allegiance
o Inspiration
• Welcome and Introductions
• RollCall, Quorum, Minutes, Correspondence
• Treasurer’s Report
• Other Reports
• Special Orders
• Unfinished Business
• New Business
• Educational Program
• FurtherBusiness
• Announcements
• Closing


Business Script – A Guide For the Organization President

Call to OrderPresident:
The regular meeting of the ________ Toastmasters will come to order.

Opening Ceremonies

Please rise.
The invocation will be given by_______________.
[Invocation and Grace (if appropriate) are given before the Pledge of Allegiance. If your club does not include the Pledge and invocation, eliminate this section.]
Pleaseremain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, to be led by________________.
The inspiration will be given by _______________.
[Inspiration isgiven after the Pledge of Allegiance.]

Welcome and Introductions

Welcome to the ___ meeting of the ___________ Toastmasters Club.
- Welcome Members and Guests- Introduction of those seated at the head table (if there is a head table)
- Introduction of those of rank in the audience (order of declining rank)

Roll Call for a Quorum,Minutes, and Correspondence

- Ask Secretary to conduct a roll call
[Alternatively the Secretary can silently record attendance]
- As President, confirm that a quorum is or is notpresent (for the purpose of conducting official business)
The secretary will read the minutes of the previous meeting.
[The secretary reads the minutes. The...
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