Business meetings

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English as a Second Language Podcast

Business Meetings: Lesson 1 - Starting a Meeting SCRIPTS Meeting A - Formal Meeting Alex: On behalf of Vision Corporation, I’d like to call this meeting to order. This is a meeting of some of the key players in our company: our top managers. Our purpose this morning is to hear a presentation about a new initiative for outreach and marketing,and to discuss this plan with all of you. This is a presentation that all of us have looked forward to. This initiative marks a new milestone in the evolution of our company. First, it serves as an assessment of where our company is now in terms of communicating its message to its customers domestically and abroad. Furthermore, this plan has the potential to drive our company forward bytransforming our corporate outreach and marketing strategies. We are delighted that all of the major contributors to this initiative are here today. They will use their unique perspectives to talk about the current state of affairs in terms of outreach and marketing, give details about the new proposed initiative, and outline the path for implementation. Meeting B - Informal Meeting Alex: Okay, everybody.Please take a seat. Let’s get started. I’ve called this meeting of our top salespeople so that all of you get a chance to hear about the new plan to get our company out there in order to reach more of our potential market. First, we’ll hear a presentation from the team that has been working on this. Then, we’ll discuss it to get your feedback and put our heads together to see if there are anyother ideas. While the team is getting set up, let me say a few words. What does this new plan mean for our company? First, it’s a reality check on where we are right now in terms of getting our message to our customers. Second, this plan has the potential to move the company forward. One of our main challenges, as you all know, is staying relevant in this changing market. Today’s presentation hassome really innovative ideas about how we can do this. _____________
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English as a Second Language Podcast

Business Meetings: Lesson 1 - Starting a Meeting GLOSSARY Meeting A - Formal Meeting to call ameeting to order – to officially begin a meeting * Mr. Powell always calls his meetings to order at exactly 8:05 a.m. key player – important team members; people who are very important in a project or business * Gavin is a key player in that organization, because he is the only person who understands the software program. purpose – reason for existing; why one does something * My purpose inapplying for this job is to find interesting work in a national technology company. initiative – program, idea, or project, usually to improve a situation; to use a new approach to do something * That organization has an initiative to give free breakfasts to every poor child in the city. outreach – communication with people outside of an organization or business * The university has an outreach programthat teaches farmers to use less water. marketing – a plan for making other people want to buy a product or service * The bank’s marketing strategy includes giving customers free coffee when they come into the office. to look forward to (something) – to anticipate something; to be excited about something that will happen in the future; to be eager for something to happen * Saji hasn’t had avacation in five years, so he’s looking forward to his trip to San Francisco this summer. to mark – to note when or where something occurs; to record something * Today marks our 10-year wedding anniversary, and I’m glad our friend and family can be here to celebrate it with us. milestone – a small accomplishment or achievement that is part of a larger project or goal * Earning a high school diploma and...
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