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People often speak of the personality as if it were a product such as a brightly colored tie that gave life to an old suit. Not only that, sometimes we talk as if personality consists of attractiveand admirable traits: love, charm and honesty. But we see that personality is much more complex than indicated by the regular use of the term, and includes both positive and negative traits.There are many definitions that have been given for personality. We also have a number of different theories about how personality develops, but despite all the studies none can be chosen as the exactdefinition. This is one we liked most: “Personality is a dynamic organisation, inside the person, of psychophysical systems that create a person’s characteristic patterns of behaviour, thoughts, andfeelings.” Carver & Scheier.

It should be emphasized that the individual is not born with a determined personality, but it is structured from the first years of life, influenced by significantfigures such as parents, genes and environment.

From now on we will try to analyse how personality affects the functioning of teamwork. There are several events and situations that are closelyrelated to personality, and thus have a direct effect on the running of team work, both positively and negatively.

One of the aspects that directly affects the development of group work is thediversity of personalities within it. This mixture is beneficial for the proper functioning of equipment and, without doubt, totally necessary because it provides a greater wealth of knowledge, allowingthem to work more efficiently. Also, in general, groups provide the best circumstances to develop different types of work and usually require less attention from management. Thus, the point is to lookfor the right balance. For this reason it is essential that personality is properly assessed when a company is recruiting.

However, it is not easy for members of one group to reach a final...
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