Business plan of an ecotourism agency

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Pamela Carreño
Business Plan
Business Name: Ecotours
Ecotours is an ecological-based travel agency that offers it’s customers a variety oftravel packages throughout Ecuador of it’s ecological destinations such as The coast, highlands, amazon and Galapagos islands, and assures them to have the best experience ever.
We work as a team to be real experts of an ecologicaltourism and be innovators in hospitable services turning them into a real pleasure. Ecotours is a Limited Liability Corporation. All memberships shares are owned by Pamela and Leonidas Carreño, owners of the establishment.
Ecotourism has become one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tourism industry, growing annually by 10-15% worldwide. People are getting more and more interested on nature andits surroundings. Around 30 % of the tourists that come to Ecuador are interested on nature.
We live in a country that is unique in all kind; we have 4 different places to go in one country. We as Ecuadorians do not give much importance to all the country’s beauty because we don’t have the culture to travel inside of it. We would like to be known specially in countries like Europe for example,because they don’t have the biodiversity we have and most of all, the tropical climate. That’s why they are going to be interested to come to our country, to see a different world . Also, they will have the economical resources to expend in our country. Why focus on an internal tourism that of 13’000.000 habitants we are in Ecuador, if only a 100.000 habitants approximately could afford on expendingto travel ? Unfortunately we will have no profit or benefits. But if we focus on the European target, that mostly a great part of its habitants have a mid-class and high-class life, we can show the beauty this country has and they will definitely want to visit us.
We offer exclusive packages to our clients. It can be the deluxe package which is the most expensive one, best preferred by olderpeople because it has all the comforts they demand. And the premium is a package that includes many things but less expensive, affordable to younger travelers.
We will provide a reliable service to our clients and corporation, constantly reengineer our technology to meet new challenges in order to be pioneers and therefore more competitive. Our state of the art Sabre system allows us to provide themost direct flights, and the lowest available fares.
We will transfer your flight plan via Internet using the Sabre technology of “Virtuallythere”, and place the electronic ticket at the airline counter.
With the "Signature on file", which allows our top executives to order a ticket, to be charge to his account and we will issue an electronic ticket, and our executive never left his officeneither his credit card.
We have a complete DMC catering to leisure, adventure, incentive and business travellers. We have separate departments that handle fits, small and large groups, custom travel and of course we have our own congress and event planning department as well. We offer services in most foreign languages.
Market segmentation: People from 20 to 35 years who areinterested on extreme sports, knowing new places, and older people around 40 to 60 years old; retired, looking for natural relaxing places.
On our first years, we would like to make ourselves known as an eco-tourist agency in Europe and USA, who are the most interested customers.
Profile of Ecotourists in Europe:
o Experienced travelers
o Higher education
o Higher income bracket
o Age:middle-age to elderly
o Opinion leaders
o Ask & tell their friends & colleagues about trip
o Are the most important source of trip information
Consumer Demand:
More than two-thirds of U.S. and Australian travelers, and 90% of British
tourists, consider active protection of the environment and support of local
Demographics: Our agency has to be in a visible place and...
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