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Creating an e-Business plan
Jessica Keyes
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1. E-Business Planning
An e-Business plan is much the same as any business plan where the business concept, its financials, aspirations, markets and goals are tightly summarized in thirty to fifty pages.


1. E-Business Planning
Eugene Yang, amanaging director and head of Internet and IT Investment Banking for Societe Generale, sums it up rather neatly by saying that in order to attract money you have to stay focused in your key ideas, make sure these ideas are commercially feasible, write a well-thought out and logical business plan, and articulate your thoughts clearly and in a way that will realize your business potential.
• • • • Agood product/service The management team The market Sense of commitment


1. E-Business Planning
Throw out the plan that: says that there is no competition lacks detail about the product's competitive advantage is unclear about the actual business provides too much detail provides too little detail provides minimal details about how the company will sell the product or service had a weakmanagement team makes unrealistic projections lists the IPO as the only exit strategy

1. E-Business Planning
Whether the e-Business is a separate entity or a division or subsidiary of a larger company the eBusiness plan is developed in the same way. The reasons for this are simple: 1) there is a standard format for a business plan, and 2) the e-Business should always be thought of as aseparate entity - regardless of its status within the organization The only differences....


1. E-Business Planning
1.1 ...for the new enterprise You suffer from lack of a tried-and-true product/service with no track record. Your team is unproven as well. You’re going to have to really “sell” your concept.


1. E-Business Planning
1.2 ...for the existing enterprise You’re going to haveto prove that you’re “with it!” Questions that must be answered:
Is the Internet unit going to be a true stand-alone operation, fully competing with its parent? Does it have its own revenues and expenses, its own asset base, its own management?


1. E-Business Planning
1.3 Plan components 1. The Executive Summary 2. The Management Team 3. Company History 4. Product Description 5. BusinessOpportunities 6. The Competition 7. Research and Development 8. Pricing 9. Marketing Plan 10. The Financials

2. The Executive Summary
Executive summaries can take many forms. The two most popular are: 1) the multi-paragraph free-form description which informally summarizes, in less than two pages, the entire business plan, and; 2) the more structured, formal executive summary.

2.The Executive Summary


2. The Executive Summary
2.2 Writing the overview - Example Describe the company:
COMPANY: Company B, founded in 1997, with headquarters in New York City, NY, is a leader in the development of intelligentsoftware systems for the applications development and re-engineering markets. The Company is highly innovative and has developed a series of programming tools which use proprietary, intelligent, document/text analytical and parsing techniques which results in exceptional programmer productivity gains. The Company is profitable, even after development costs association with the introduction of newtoolsets. The Company intends to accelerate the introduction of new intelligent software engineering products, including Webbased products, which will be sold via the Company’s web site (, its direct sales force and through VARs and resellers.

2. The Executive Summary
2.3 Writing the overview - Example Describe the market:
MARKET: The market for the Company’s core business are...
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