Business plan

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What is a business plan.
Setting a new business
Setting business objectives
Missing Statement
The purposes of a business plan
Legal and Insurance Implications
* Business Law
* Employment Law
* Health and safety
* Environmental protection

* Consumer Protection Law

* Asset Insurance: Fire
Disputation of trading
* Public, Product and Employers’liability: Public Liability Insur.
Product ‘’ ‘’
Employers Liability
Business Resources
* Planning, organizations and managing resources
* Human Resources
* Physical Resources -Shop
-Factory Unit/Factory
* Financial Resources
* The Management
-Critical Path Analysis (CPA)
-Gannt Chart

Potential Support for a Business Plan

* Whydoes BUSINESS need SUPPORT?
* Financial
* Legal
* Human Resources
* Production
* Sales and Marketing
* Management
* IT
* External Sources of Business Support
* Accountants
* Banks
* Independent Financial Advisers
* Solicitors
* Business Angels
* Local Authorities
Time Management
Good management requires that resources are used to achieveparticular goals within SPECIFIED PERIODS OF TIME.

* Critical Path Analysis (cpa).
Technique used to break down a project into its component ACTIVITIES, place them in the right sequence, and then decide when to carry them out.- The aim is to identify the minimum amount of time required to complete the entire project.
The objective of CPA is to schedule tasks in a way that minimizes timeand costs.- A series of lines, each one representing an activity, can be drawn in the form of a network diagram or PERT chart. (Program EVACUATION AND REVIEW TECHNIQUE). Adding the time each activity is effected to take allows a business to identify the critical path of the project- that is, the minimum time needed to complete it.

How To Prepare And Produce A Business Plan.

Business Plan checklist

Business: Description of the business
Key Personnel

Mannagement: Managers
Missing Skills and
How this will be

Products: Description of products
Why products are better
Or different

Size of market
Predicted Market
Major Competitors
Market Strategy
PricingMethods of sale
Average size of orders
Advertising Methods and costs

Production Plan: Details of Product
Design and development
RAW materials needed and availability
Number of employees
SKILLS required
premises location
Equipment required and prices
Read times in delivery.

Financial Plan: cash flow forecast
Projected BalanceSheet
Monitoring and review
Of accounting records



Achieve sales volume
Achieve sales Value
Break even
Build Market share

Marketing plan
- Choosing the right mix
should aim to outline how the business intends to Price, promote, distribute and sellthe product.
to make sales the product is designed to appeal no just in its physical design but also in its price, promotion, packaching and distribution.
traning name of the business the design of stationary, helpnless and knowledge of sales staff to the price and quality
of the product itself.
Managers should persuade potential lenders that the business will work.
- Product:
1)pricing: consumers demand and producers suplay
long term: the best price for a product is one that will maximize profits by creating the best combination of sales volume, price and costs.
2) promotion: ensuring that the market knows about the firms products is known as product promotion efficient product promotion
a) tell potential consumers of the existence of the form and/or its...
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