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Hodges University Johnson School of Business Business Administration Program GEB1012-Introduction to Business
Business Plan Requirement and Outline
In Introduction to Business (GEB 1012) the course paper is a business plan that is presented in written and oral form. The written plan consists of a minimum of 5 pages in full narrative and APA style plus 5 pages ofappendices. The APA compliant reference list, title page and abstract do not count toward minimum page length. The narrative will address all sections of the outline provided in this PDF. All sections of GEB 1012 use this outline and the same rubric is applied to the written plan for onsite and online classes. You will find the rubric attached to this file. For students taking the course online, theequivalent to the oral presentation of the plan is a Power Point presentation posted on the discussion board that is ranked by your peers and professor. You will find the rubric in this file.
You must present a description of the product or service you are considering for the business, an executive summary, a situation analysis, a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-and Threats (SWOT) analysis,business resources evaluation, a business strategy, financial projections, organization chart, a system for controls and evaluation. You will see a further breakout of these categories in this file.
In the narrative you will not only “tell” the story but also provide details that flesh out your story. Details that you have gathered through research will be cited and referenced. All professorsteaching GEB 1012 will expect to see no fewer than 10 sources outside the textbook referenced and cited. Professors will expect you to be able to articulate the assumptions you used to calculate the breakeven point and the estimate of cash inflows and outflows for the first 12 months of operation. Appendices can include the details of the breakeven calculation and the projected inflows and outflows ofthe organization. Your professional resume as it relates to your skills and expertise to run the business must be included in the
Hodges University Johnson School of Business Business Administration Program GEB1012-Introduction to Business
Business Plan Requirement and Outline
appendices. The professor will expect that the other appendices would relate to the human resource plan andorganizational chart and the marketing plan pieces such as flyers or advertisements.
This project will help you understand how to frame decisions, research options, select options and make a compelling case for your selections. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to pull together all the major pieces of a business, thereby gaining an understanding of the depth of knowledge and skill involved increating businesses and making business decisions in today’s complex world.
Fatal flaws would include assertions where you provide no support for statements you make about projections and analyses. Fatal flaws would include missing sections and appendices. The ultimate fatal flaw is plagiarism. Don’t buy a business plan and don’t copy a business plan. Write your own and invest in your learning. Don’tleave out any of the required components because your grade will be hurt and, more importantly, your learning will be negatively affected.
All the professors teaching Introduction to Business intend to support your process of exploration in this project. In online classes, you will see on the syllabus that you submit various components of the plan during the term for which you will receivefeedback on what is strong and what requires more attention. Site classes tend to use class time to provide opportunities for guidance and feedback. At the end of the term, you will address the feedback, link the pieces or components together and produce what your professors fully expect will be a successful plan that offered you an incredible learning opportunity.
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