Business plan

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Business Plan
PricewaterhouseCoopers methodology

Basel Shadd ad
David Hodder

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Laurent Vanat

The Business Plan approach developed by PricewaterhouseCoopers aims to offer a simple and easy solution to prepare abusiness plan. Thus, the approach is divided into 5 different areas:
Products / services , here the study covers what the company has to offer and the perspectives that result Market, addressing where the company is and will be, who are the customers and what are their needs Production and administrative facilities , meaning what are the means the company has to produce and commercialise theproducts / services it has to offer, what administrative facilities are available Staff and management , which needs to be assessed properly to guarantee the company will have the right people in the right place Finances , the final translation into monetary units of all the company's perspectives and the financial needs and dividends that may result

For each area, a 6 step approach has beendefined to help collect the information and study the relevant issues:
information de base

Basic information to be collected , with suggestion of some supporting documents and other information sources Focus on special issues , which points out major aspects that may need in-depth analysis Success factors , where concentration of the efforts of the company are necessary Risks and opportunities ,featuring and anticipation of the major threats and opportunities for the company Key indicators , supplying the essential figures related to the area covered and their evolution over the future years Overview, with a short indication of the basic content of the summary that should be presented for the study area

Aspects particulers à analyser

Facteurs de succès

Risques et opportunitésIndicateurs-clés

Synthèse à présenter

This Business Plan approach can therefore very simply be summarised into a matrix combining the study areas and the different steps to be followed on:
Aspects particuliers à analyser

Information de base

Facteurs de succès

Risques et opportunités

Synthèse à présenter

Each page of the survey outline matches with one ofthe boxes of the matrix and gives the major content of each of these steps for every area. When the overview is completed for each area their assembly will provide the Business Plan. They should be introduced by an executive summary with following content:
Outline of the conclusions for each chapter of the analysis; focusing on the strengths of the company and how they will be capitalised on, theweakness and the way they will be overcome Final conclusion Action plan

Survey outline

PRODUCTS / SERVICES basic information to be collected
Commercial leaflets Products offered / services list, with specifications Costs of goods and services / sales prices Qualitative assessment of the products / services offered Sales figures over 5 years Future developments Customerfeed back

PRODUCTS / SERVICES focus on special issues
Reputation of the company Stage of the products / services in the life cycle Positioning Purchase motivation of the customers Viability of the new products / services Dynamism of the research & development Intellectual property protection

PRODUCTS / SERVICES success factors
Market recognition of the products / services Price /quality ratio Products / services meeting the present and future market needs Recognised existing demand for the products / services offered Sufficient turnover petential

PRODUCTS / SERVICES risks and opportunities
Emergence of new products / services Evolution of the products / services Change in political and legal environment Competitor's projects Other possible factors influencing demand...