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Business Plan:

Part One: Business repport analyses 3
Critical analysis of business plan of Concrete Carbon 3
Section 1: Business model analysis 3
Section 2: Business plan 6
Critical Analysis Godsend Concierge Services: 9
Critical Analysis Corporate Fitness & Health Club 16
Recommendations 29
Section 1: To improve the business model 29
Section 2: To enhance the business plan 32

Critical analysis of business plan of Concrete Carbon
Section 1: Business model analysis
1-Service or product
Concrete Carbon sells high-end carbon fiber seat posts. The shafts will be made out of custom drawn carbon fiber and the head unit will be CNC machinedThrough extensive torture testing, Concrete Carbon has developed a design of posts that achieve a barrier of safety that has yet to be reached by any competing product. Concrete Carbon is able to offer a high-end seatpost for both road and mountain cycling applications that are among the lightest available, quite comfortable due to carbon fiber's natural ability to disperse vibrations, and arecompletely safe.
Concrete Carbon's competitive edge is based on its product, it is able to offer a range of posts to properly fit each individual rider. The range of posts are based on rider weight. There are no other manufacturers offering custom fitting. This is quite valuable as the ride, safety margin, and weight are all significantly effected by the way the post is tuned. With the post customtuned to a rider's weight range, the weight will only be as much as it needs to be in terms of safety and the ride quality will be optimized by allowing a sufficient amount of flex to occur, dampening road and trail vibrations.
In our opinion, the product that Concrete Carbon is offering has a lot of possibilities.Due to its uniqueness characteristics that suppose a significant competitiveadvantage.

2-Characteristic of market and the competitive environment

Generally speaking the Cycling Market where Concrete Carbon is, presents very good perspective. Due to the economic crisis and the rising of the environmental conscience, the cyclist market is growing quickly.Until now, was only the sportive cycling the cause of keeping alive the market, but more and more the citizens are takingimportance.
More precisely speaking Concrete Carbon is inside the market of fiber seat posts, where there have been stablished three main competitors and a few smaller manufacturers who are competitors.

Inside this market there are to clearly differentiated market segments, individual consumers and distributors. In order to arrive to all those market segments the company most be prepared toenter in market where the e-marketing and the ability to replenish distributors efficiently are keys success factors.

3-The marketing, commercial and financial objectives

Concrete Carbon aims to become the premier carbon seat post bicycle manufacturer.

This is going to be done by achieving new segment markets in oder to significantly increase the sales. Actually Concrete carbon has beingselling only to individual consumers and the idea is to target also distributors as consumers.
The annual growth rate for individual customers is 10% with 343,009 potential customers. The growth rate for distributors is 4% with 14 potential customers. While the growth rate of distributors is not that high the sheer volume that distributors will sell and buy relative to the individuals makes thepotential market very exciting.
Concrete carbon expects an increase in sales from $119,000 in Year 1, rising to $332,000 by Year 3. Over the next three years, Concrete Carbon Parts will steadily increase profitability and gross margins.So once achieved those goals Concrete Carbon will be a sustainable business.

The main mission of the company is to create the finest quality carbon seatposts on...
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