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Amazing : Banker´s son is the main suspect of the steal
The son of wellknown banker Holder is considered by the police as the main suspect of the steal of thefamous Emerald crown, since he was in the crime scene and additionally was in silence when the police asked about the steal.
Arthur Holder is a young lazy andvicious he play poker every day in the Gambling club, but he is very bad foe it. In general Arthur lost much money in this place, he has many debts with differentperson for this reason he needed money. This is the theory what has the police.
In this moment Holder is a jail waiting for the sentence, than safely is of twentyyears.
The royal family overcomed their bankrupt
Time the royal family were rich they had an enterprise which was so successful, they were very famous in theirdeals but they had not children, they lacked of love for all this the Royal father stated drinking so mach every night and spend all his money, the mother whenshe saw to her husband drunk, she cried and soon she was tired of retune so she left the house and went to live both her sisters
Over time, they sold theirproperties and they went to bankrupt, the only property that he had for the end this period was Emerald crown. This was the next to this crisis, the royal fatherbegin to invest in stock market, and quickly the royal family was rich again.
we provide security services to his business with integrated camera ,alarm Videoultraviolet ray and constant onitoring.

We provide security services to his business with integrated camera, alarm Video ultraviolet ray and constant monitoring.
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