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2. What kind of international branding shall your company have in order for it to suit every market?
My company is called “Rossoverde”(it means redgreen) because it is an ecological company,we print invitations for all kind of events, besides the paper and the ink that we use are recyclable, that’s why the word verde is on our name.
I wrote the word “rosso” (red) because it is a colorthat most of the people like and “verde” green because it shows that we are an eco-friendly enterprise.
I decided to wrote the name of the company in Italian because is an attractive, creative andoriginal name, also because when the people see a name in a foreign language, it seekd their attention immediately and they actually believe that the product of the company with the uncommon name has abetter quality than the other enterprises, even though the name has nothing to do with the quality, but it is a marketing thing.
A benefit that this name has, is that it doesn’t cause conflicts inother countries, it means the same in the whole world, so my company could easily get expanded and become an international enterprise.

3. What markets shall you seek on your first stage ofInternational expansion? On the second stage?

My first stage would be Switzerland because is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world, they have more ecological culture because the grew upbeing educated with it, so we think is better to get our fisrt stage in Switzerland to learn from them at the same time acquire experience on internationalization.
Our second stage would be the unitesstates because it is a very big market, it would give us advantage because when we come back to Mexico our company would be recognized, distinguished, renowned and demanded because now we gotinternational experience and we would have already acquired ecological conscious and culture.
Now it’s time for Mexico to become green.
4. What would be the International Expansion Strategy that you...
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