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Henry Mintzberg was born in Montreal, in September 2, 1939. He is known thanks to his strategic thinking. He is CleghornProfessor of Management Studies in the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in Montreal. He gives six frameworks for organizations (DOSPAN), which are:
1. Mutual adjustment: isbased in the informal communication. The employees are the ones who adapt and adjust to achieve organizational goals.
2. Direct supervision: is achieved by having one person issue orders orinstructions to several others whose work interrelates (as when a boss tells others what is to be done, one step at a time)
3. Standardization of work processes: is the tight control of the quality of aproduct, which achieves coordination by specifying the work processes of people carrying out interrelated tasks.
4. Standardization of outputs: are the standards that are established for thereaching of the goals and to reach the results that the company expect.
5. Standardization of skills: are the aptitudes that are expected in an employee, in which different work is coordinated byvirtue of the related training the workers have received.
6. Standardization of norms: is the norms infusing the work that are controlled, usually for the entire organization, so that everyonefunctions according to the same set of beliefs and the different ways of thinking of each person so everyone can feel well at the business.

But also he establishes the “MOSTIS”:
* Middle management,that is between the senior and junior management to supervise that policies are apply in the business
* Operating encore, which is the producing sector of goods and services.
* Techno structureis the area that takes care or the IT systems and training.
* Ideology is like the values that the company has and how the business manage all things and accomplish them.
* Support staff,...
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