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  • Publicado : 28 de junio de 2010
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Executive summary:
Actually obesity, after smoking, is the second leading causes of death worldwide. It is Associated with the improvement of mortality at all ages,including Children.

Those who suffer eating disorders are characterized as extremists in the consumption of food, as evidenced by severe weight loss, rapid weight gain, or subjectto major fluctuations in weight.

Dissatisfied with their body image, often accompanied by a distorted perception of body signals (starvation, anger, fatigue, etc.).

Theyhave unhealthy practices for maintain weight, such as: fasting, starvation, compulsive eating, indiscriminate use of laxatives, weight loss drugs, diuretics and excessiveexercise, equally have an irrational fear of gaining weight and an obsessive desire for lose weight.
Furthermore, in today's society body image becomes a determinant relatesself-esteem of people.

For this reason the decision to undertake a vegetarian restaurant becomes an option for those who wish to have a balanced diet based on fruits andvegetables, helping to reduce obesity and disorders food, and to have a mind and body healthy.

Contribute to a healthy diet of Mexican families, providing a high qualityservice, freshness, hygiene, taste and harmony with ingredients that offer each of our ingredients in beverages and dishes.

Business description:
The name of the company isGood ´n´ natural, which has as:
Offer customers a rich service in food properties, providing an intact taste, good hygiene practices, gastronomy, and variety with ahealthy food based on fruits and vegetables.
Being the leader in the south area of the city, building on the good values that promote food intake in their daily lives.
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