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Ignacio Martínez Mata

Activity Session 7 – Report

Introduction and Scope
This report aims to analyse the case study presented during Week 6 of the Software Process unit. From this analysis, adescription of the software process is provided as well as the identification of the problems faced by the current approach. Finally, the characteristics considered measurable are listed in order tomatch this software process with those models studied in the previous sessions of this unit.

Existing Software Process
An internal business unit is devoted to develop tailored applications to otherunits of the same company. In general, the software products are developed rapidly (2 months) but maintained after deployment for years. The Software process model followed by this unit may berepresented as shown in the figure below:

When a new application is needed, some research is carried out if needed, then a small team of experienced developers starts implementing directly the solutionwithout using any kind of requirements specification or design. Still within this phase and in case of larger projects where some collaboration is necessary, periodic meetings may lead to some informalrefactoring. Following the coding phase, the software product is informally tested and finally delivered to the customer. Usually, once the application is deployed, further modifications take placeupon request from the customer.

Considering the case study statement, the current software process suffers from a series of problems that can be clearly identified. Firstly, there is norequirements specification stage which may lead to customer needs not being met. Secondly, the process lacks of a proper activity of Verification and Validation during the testing phase which preventsearly detection of problems. Additionally, collaborative projects seem to struggle with integration activities as meetings seem to be the only means used to align components.
Finally, there are...
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