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Step to participate in a game
Chess Instructions
Chess is played between two players, each has 16 chess pieces or parts of a player being the light-colored, white calls, and your opponent dark color called black. The pieces move on a chessboard square 8 × 8 = 64 squares, with the same colors as the pieces placed alternately, 32 light and 32 dark, also called squares.The pieces of each player atthe beginning of the game are:
A king
A lady, also known popularly as reina.2
Two bishops
Two horses
Two towers
Eight pawns
Instructions twister
Twister is played on a plastic mesh that is spread on the ground.The mesh is like a game board. It has four lines with a large colored circles on each line a different color: red, yellow, blue, and green. Arotary table is attached to a square andserves as given for the game. The rotation is divided into four different sections: right foot,left foot, right hand and left hand. Each of the four sections is divided into four colors (red, yellow, blue and green). After spinning, the combination is called (example: right hand yellow) that players must move hand or foot into the circle of that color. In a game of two,no one can keep theirhands to feet in the same circle-The rules are different for more people. Due to the scarcity of colored circles, players will often need to get in awkward positions, eventually causing the downfall of someone. A person is eliminated when they fall or when your elbow or knee touches the net. There is no limit on how many can play in a game, but more than four tight fit
Blackjack Instruction
It isplayed at a semicircular table usually can accommodate up to 7players, each of which has a box marked on the table to place your bet before each hand. This bet must be held in each hand,necessarily before that you play the first card.
The dealer distributes 2 cards to each player, (values: s = 1 or 11, figures = 10, numerical their natural value) may change accordingas the value of the play. Theplayer has the ability to stand (stay with the cards you have) or hit, without going over 21 and you loseautomatically, finally wins the one with the higher number, close to 21, or take a blackjack. In turn, the dealer has rigid rules to which they adhere: If your initial score was 16 or less is required to takeanother card, and will be planted if your score reaches 17. These rules apply regardlessof the plays with each of the players.

Instructions monopoly
Players begin by turns, the player who starts the game is decided at random before the game. In turn, as usual, begin rolling the dice and moves his piece clockwise around the board, the corresponding number of spaces.
If a player lands on Chance or Community Chest space, pick the top card of the deck for and follow the instructionswritten on it (these cards must be face down before the game). Once removed the card is placed on the bottom. If the player lands on an unowned property, whether street, railroad, or utility, you can buy unless this in the first round of play, the property purchase price listed. If you decide not to make this purchase, the property is available for another player who has the money to buy it. If youalready own property owner must pay the landlord a rent certain, the price depends on whether the property is part of a set or level of development. If a player takes the same value with the 2 dice (double out), roll again after completing his shift. If the player rolls 3 times 6, the player must go to jail.
If a player is in jail, does not make a normal turn, may pay to be released from jail, ortrying to make 6 on the dice. If a player gets 6 out of jail, gives up his turn. If you try this 5 times will have to pay the fine to be released. While the player is in jail, you can still buy and sell property and buildings, and collect rents. If a player rolls doubles, you can immediately move according to the amount indicated by the dice, but he can throw a second time after leaving...
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