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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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Mandate for Purchase – Aircraft as described herein
TO: KLM MX Inc and Commodities Global Ltd hereinafter referred to as the Co-operating
Brokers. Telephone No.+1 919 521 8676 and +1 305 801 7026
____________________ hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, hereby give you the exclusiveand irrevocable right to act as our agent for 30 days and can be automatically extended in writing.
Commencing on the ____________day of _______________, 2008, for the purpose of representing us inregards to our potential purchase of:
Description of aircraft and volume required:

1. DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS: For the purpose of this Buyer Mandate Agreement(“Mandate”), “Buyer” includes purchaser and a “seller” includes a vendor or a prospective seller or vendor. A purchase shall be deemed to include the closing of a sale with transfer of funds to vendorpursuant to an agreement of purchase and sale. This Agreement shall be read with all changes of Gender or number required by the context.

2. SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE BROKER: It is understood thatthe Broker may assist the buyer with any or all of the following services, and any other services, as agreed to between the
Buyer and the Broker:
• To identify the needs of the Buyer
• To assistthe Buyer in negotiations for the purchase of the property identified above (subject to the special provisions for Dual Agency described below).•Other:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE BUYER: In consideration of the Broker undertaking to assist...
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