By the river piedra i sat down and wept

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The story is about a woman called pilar and her childhood friend that after the twelve years
they become finding it. They always stay in comunicationthrough letters and postcards. Pilar is
the main character of the book. At first, she is a very closed-off person, who is obsessed with
planning and trying to find love. One day her friend wrote toher that he was going to speak to
small group in Madrid and he asked her to come. “She decided made the four-hour trip from
Zaragoza to Madrid because she wanted to see him again; she wanted tohear his voice. She will
want to sit with him in a café and remember the old day. She finally arrived at the place where
the conference was held was more formal than she had expected. He must befamous, she
thought. She was even more surprised when she saw him enter the room. He was quite different
from the boy she had known.” She overheard a conversation between two women about a man
whoperformed miracles but never imagined it was his friend who spoke them because her friend
had become a seminarian in a charismatic spiritual leader. She was confused because he never
said in theletters that. After the lecture, members of the audience rushed up to him. She waited,
worried about what his first impression of her would be after so many years. She invited to him a
coffee heimmediately responded yes then he said her that, he really needs to talk to her.
Tomorrow he has a lecture in Bilbao. He invited to her.” This is the beginning of a journey
together after a longtime since childhood and now they are together once again, “embarking on a
journey fraught with difficulties. But in a small village in the French Pyrenees, by the waters of
the river Piedra, amost special relationship will be reexamined. Now both are confused and do
not know what to do Pilar because it is a person who is afraid of change. She has a fight with the
other, her inner voice....
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