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The 7 ages of a Man

1-Baby (crying, learning basics) Infant
2-Chilhood (friends, school) Schoolboy
3-Adolecence (decisions, future, identity) Lover
4-Young Adult (vocation) Soldier
5-Adulthood(marriage, family) Justice
6-Middle Age (“empty-nest”) Pantaloon
7-Elderly (grandchild, legacy) Second Childness


Interpret Extended Metaphor. An extended metaphor compares twounlike things at length and in a number of ways, sometimes throughout an entire work. In “The Seven Ages of a Man,” the speaker compares the world to a stage. What does this comparison imply about thespeaker’s view of life
I think that maybe the speaker was an actor or had a life in a stage because he is comparing a stage to the world so maybe for him the stage is his like his world and he lived allhis life like that in that 7 stages.

Analyze Dramatic Monologue. “The Seven Ages of a Man” comes from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It. Other characters in this play refer to Jacques as “themelancholy Jacques.” Do you agree that Jacques has a gloomy outlook on life? Support your answer.
I believe he has a gloomy outlook because he describes the world as a stage in which different ages arejust seen as an act and he lives his entire life like that.

Author Style. In many of Shakespeare’s plays, there is a character who comments philosophically on the world of the characters and on theworld at large, it is sometimes thought that this character is speaking for Shakespeare himself, could Jacque’s monologue be seen as giving voice to the playwright? Explain your answer.
I think thatthe Jacques is Shakespeare himself. In order to give Jacques a personality he needed to have a point of view for them. And in my opinion that point of view comes from him because he writes as ifJacques’s point of view is the correct one. Also the story is telling from someone who isn’t there, someone who is in the outside just watching. For instance in the poem/story he writes “They have their...
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