Cómo prepararte para un examen

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Coursebook – Unit 14, page175, ex. 6.2
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"How to Prepare for Exam?" A big question that you always ask yourself

Many of you may be working hard and getting good marks and someof you may not be working hard but still manage to get high marks in exams. And also there will be a few of you who study well but you’re still not able to score well in exams .Don't worry there aresome very simple tips by following which you can become master.
The most important thing any student can do to prepare for exam is to start early. If you've been keeping up on everything on a dailyand weekly basis you’ll be in good shape when it comes the time to get serious about preparing for an exam. In this sense, it is important to have been able to take notes while having attended yourclasses. You remembering details debated in the class will impress any teacher. If having any uncertainty about a thing, tutors are there to be demanded. Get help early, waiting till the last minute onlyfosters aggravation and panic. In addition, while studying on your own make small notes that should not be descriptive make them brief so that you can remember all points while doing revision withthe help of that note.
The week before the exam should be dedicated to revision. Group gatherings are advisable, in order to discuss matters concerning the exam. Perhaps, in these occasions flashcardscan be used to help memorizing facts, not understanding but remembering and inquiring last-minute doubts. Another issue is the study atmosphere which happens to have a very important role. Can anyonestudy well while watching TV? So select a place where you feel comfortable, where you feel relaxed and can concentrate. Try to leave all your fears and free your mind before starting the study. Youhave to be confident and it is the most essential power you should have for attaining victory.
Always remember “Past is experience, present is experiment and future is expectation.
Use your...
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