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1. How high is the motivation and satisfaction of assembly workers, end-assemblers and technicians in the current situation? Explain.
In my opinion themotivation and satisfaction of assembly workers, end-assemblers and technicians are not so high. We can note that from the department's inability to realize the production planning.Even if the assembly workers are satisfied with their supervisor, the technicians are not. They feel that supervisor should listen to them more and exhibit a greater interest intheir opinions and ideas. Then all three groups, especially technicians and end assemblers, complain about their salary and the pay system, such as the limited promotionpossibilities and the relatively low salary in relation to the complexity of the work and in comparison to colleagues working for other companies. Finally, because of the new camera andproduction process, the work of the assemblers and technicians changed considerably over the time. And workers do not agree with all these changes.
2. How can the motivation andsatisfaction be improved within the present production philosophy?
First of all I would propose to change the pay system of technicians and end-assemblers: employees should receivebonus if they accomplish the production objectives (quality and quantity). In this way they would be more motivated to work efficiently and to respect deadline. Because now thereis no link between incentives and quality of work performed.
The new philosophy is that employees should be given responsibility and direct feedback. But the problem is that theassembly workers’ jobs are too enriched and then they receive more than immediate feedbacks. Also communication between technicians and their supervisors should be improved.
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