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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2011
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In this summer, i will go to san antonio with my brother, his girlfriend (alberto´s sister), Alberto and alberto´s family. Its going to be Amazing cause Alberto is one of mybest friends and beeing in the U.S.A its great for me.i will buy lots of clothes and things,i really love san antonio its so beautiful, im really ashamed cause im going to stay at alberto´s grandmother,they might say i dont have to worry about it, but im really ashemed of. Of course i will go at plane, cause im always traveling at car,my family loves traveling at car and alberto´s family too, butnow they say its kind of dangerous.I will love when Alberto and i go to the malls to buy everything we want, im so excited i wish i Could invite a friendo but i can’t. Maybe i will go to sea World,everytime they go to san antonio, they go to sea World and i love sea World, i will go to six flags too, but i will get a afraid cause i dont love that games,well just a little bit cause i hate thatfeeling.
Alberto,is so funny so i will spend a good time with him at san antonio,and everyone in his family is so kind and funny, so im sure this summer its going to be a good summer. I will go to manyplaces in san antonio there are lots of things to do and watch like museums,malls,stores,restaurants,streets,Parks etc. I will go in christmas too, its funny cause we always go,my family and i lovesan antonio i think its obvious,the most i love of going to san antonio is at new year,its Amazing. Im sur we will Cook and prepare the dinner for new year,at christmas we made the same always.i lovechristmas there too, we decorate alberto´s uncle´s house but its kind of funny cause that house is too big. We probably will go to Houston to visit my uncles and cousins,or maybe we will g otodisneyland and Los Angeles, i love disneyland.what i like the most of going to Houston is that im sure we will Cook the dinner everyday cause my mom always want us to clean and help at my uncles house, so...
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