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  • Publicado : 5 de febrero de 2012
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The council for accreditation of counseling and related educational programs (CACREP) was written to ensure that a counselor has the knowledge and the skills to practice in a real setting. It waswritten in cooperation with the American Counseling Association to promote a good quality in counseling training. The first section of the CACREP is about structure and evaluation. It talks about allthe requirements needed to be able to do the internship in an appropriate place. They should also provide with the necessary equipment, space and assured privacy for the counselor and the client andensure that the clients confidentiality and legal rights are protected.
Something very important is that we need to acknowledge that we are going to be working with a multicultural society. We ascounselors need to understand how this society can affect the clients. We need to know strategies and techniques to be able to do our job effectively. Working with domestic violence victims opens upa new level of understanding when it comes to counseling. I am very aware that I have to know the local and state services that can be of help for these victims. I have to understand and knoweffective strategies to support the client and be able to make the appropriate referrals.
As counselors we also need to understand how racism and discrimination may play a big role. I am going in with anopen mind and understanding of this situation. We need to know about current approaches, strategies and techniques shown to be effective when working with a multicultural society. I want to be ableto understands where these clients are coming from, what are their backgrounds and also I want to demonstrate the ability to provide effective services to these victims no matter where they arecoming from.
When giving counseling to domestic violence clients we have to learn about their family situation, their cultural background, among other things. We live in a country with a big diversity...