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Exam. Parametric Surfaces IM-024.Introduction to CAD CAM Systems
Prof. Dr. Ing Oscar E. Ruiz S. April 28, 2009

I am aware that this exam must be answered individually and only counting with theallowed information. I have been informed that I cannot introduce to the exam any files of any type, or electronic devices. I know that accepting / giving information of any type to other student, byany technological means during this exam collides with the disciplinary rules of EAFIT University and causes the grading of the test with 0.0 score and a report to the Academic Board of the University.PLEASE NOTICE: (i) Your grade will be based on the usage that you make of your own developed functions. If you do not use your developed functions, you will not receive grade credit for them. (ii)Your

programs will be graded by another program. An execution error or warning will cause your grade being null. You can avoid this by observing the header specification requested.

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Available Functions for Use

calc_m( ), KleinBottleMP( ), bell_patch( ), random_sine( )



Write the function MAIN.M, in which you: 1. Clean the workspace andfigures. 2. Create and draw (Figure 1) a Klein bottle (KleinX,KleinY,KleinZ), by calling the function KleinbottleMP( ), to obtain a control polyhedron with NMERIDIANS = 8 (Columns), NPARALLELS = 10(rows). 3. Create and draw (Figure 2) the parametric patch ”KB so44cc0202” by interpolating the Klein Bottle with the following parameters:


type_parallels = ’s’ type_meridians = ’o’ stage_parallels= 4 stage_meridians = 4 closed_parallels = ’C’ closed_meridians = ’C’ d_param_parallels = 0.2 d_param_meridians = 0.2 4. Create and draw (Figure 3) a Bell (BellX,BellY,BellZ), by calling the functionbell patch( ) with the following parameters: xmin = xmin = -6, xmax = 6, ymin = -6, ymax = 6, H = 5. 5. Create and draw (Figure 4) the parametric patch ”Bell os43cc0202” by interpolating the Bell...
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