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Efren Villalba ortega
Charly Cazarruvias González
NOTE: Albert didn’t work with us

Charly= C
Efren= E
Teddy= TNOTE: the dialog starting in a street from coacalco city
C: what a full is teddy!
E: Hi charly, how are you?
C: Hi Efren, I am fine tanks. Oh Efren excuse me, have you seen to ted?
E: no, I have notseen them, why?
C: because I am waiting them and it is already so late. And what about you, what do you doing here?
E: oh nothing I just was walking to my house, by the way what are you waiting?
C:I am waiting for ted because we are going to a party but ted doesn’t come.
E: oh, Chava’s party?
C: yes, are you invited?
E: no I am not invited
C: Well, so….(ted enters to the scene)
T: sorrycarl, I can`t arrive before.
C: Come on ted. I have been waiting for 40 minutes.
T: Sorry.
E: why so late ted?
T: because of my mom
E: no way no way
T: ah come on is not so late and you what doyou doing here
C: relax ted, he is going to the party with me and you
T: ok it would be fine.
E: and do worry ted because I have money.
C: did you work the last week?
E: yes I worked four daysT: mmm. I don’t. I am poor this week and what about you charly?
C: I am more or less I have only the necessary money
T: and so…. Should we take a taxi or only kombi?
C: kombi!!!
E: it is the sameted
C: or suburvano. Have you ever traveled by the suburvano Efren?
E: no, I have not
T: why? It is very fast
E: yea you are right, but it is very expensive
C: yes Efren you are right, it is soexpensive that prefer take the kombi or microbus
T: yes. Oh by the way chava told me that mmm that ….
E: you should bring some tequila
T: but you don’t most drink
C: snaks may be
E: there is astore in the other corner
T: well let’s go
C: hey ted I am hungry. I have not eaten yet
T: if you want we can ate something
E: but only you because I eat in my house.
T: come on we are going...
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