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1. Revision: Ways of looking and walking
Complete the following with the correct word in the correct form.

1. Don’t __stare_ at people; it’s very rude.2. They lay down and _____________ at the clouds passing overhead.
3. Sho stood there ___________ at me, too shocked to speak.
4. I can’t describe him very well – I only caught a _sight__ ofhim.
5. I ___________ quickly around the room to see who had come in.
6. He didn’t shout, he just ____________ at me silently.
7. We caught her ________________ through the keyhole.
8.The travellers ____________ through the deep snow at the side of the railroad.
9. Aunt Sophie was ___________ slowly round the room on her crutches.
10. After the injury on his left leg, he__________ for a couple of months.
11. I was hit on the head and just managed to ____________ out of the room.
12. The room was dark, and Stan nearly fell over a chair as he _________ to thephone.
13. Sarah ________ carefully down the stairs in the middle of the night and left her house.
14. She managed to _________ abck to her seat.
15. Someone will ______ over that cable.
16.Our baby is just starting to ____________.

2. Imagine you have just got into a room full of people (eg a classroom, a party, a meeting). Describe what each is doing using ways ok looking and walking.Write down a short paragraph of about 50 words.

3. Modal Verbs. What modal verbs do you associate with the following meanings?

- obligation
- absence of obligation
- prohibition- permission
- deduction
- possibility
- ability
- advice

4. Write down an example with each.

5. Modals. Student’s book. Page 73. Exercises 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

6.Speaking. Student’s book. Page 75. Choose 2 photos. Write a short paragraph (simulating what you would say in a minute) comparing and contrasting the pictures and answering the 2 questions. Try to use the...
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