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Executive Summary Objectives Mission Keys to Success Company Summary Company Ownership Start-up Summary Company Locations and Facilities Products Product Description Future Products Market Analysis Summary Market Segmentation Target Market Segment Strategy Market Needs Market Trends Market Growth Industry Analysis Industry Participants Distribution Patterns Competition and Buying Patterns MainCompetitors Strategy and Implementation Summary Competitive Edge Marketing Strategy Pricing Strategy Promotion Strategy Marketing Programs Sales Strategy Sales Programs Strategic Alliances Management Summary Organizational Structure Management Team

Personnel Plan

Executive Summary Capital Cafe is a specialty food and beverage retailer and is offering a high-quality option to the fast-food,gas station, or institutional coffee. Capital Cafe is a new cafe that aims to become the top cafe in the Capital City. Our goal is to create a cafe where everyone can get some great food, cold drinks, and relax in a laid-back, casual atmosphere. We want our customers to have more fun during their leisure time. We will combine menu selection, atmosphere, ambiance, and service to create a sense of"place" in order to reach our goal of over-all value in a dining experience. We aim to be of particular interest to the students of Statesville University. The university has a student population that exceeds 20,000 and growing by 15% each year. The cafe will be located one block away from the main campus. The bar will also appear to the large local population and over 100,000 people live within 5miles of the Capital Cafe. Capital Cafe is a full-service cafe located in downtown Capital City, Statesville. The cafe features a full menu of moderately priced "comfort" food based upon time-honored recipes from around the world. Capital Cafe will be owned and operated by John Smith. Capital Cafe financial picture is quite promising. Since Capital Cafe is operating a cash business, the initialcost is significantly less than many start-ups these days. The process is labor intensive and Capital Cafe recognizes that a higher level of talent is required. The financial investment in its employees will be one of the greatest differentiators between it and Capital Cafe competition. Objectives    Sales of $** by the end of the first year. Targeting and maintaining a net profit of at least **%.To cultivate monthly sales to reach $** by the end of the fourth month of operation, and $** monthly by the end of the first year of operation.

Mission Capital Cafe will provide accessible and affordable food and drink to the thousands of residents and hotel visitors located within a five-mile radius.

In time, Capital Cafe will establish itself as a "destination" of choice to the manyresidents of the greater Capital City, Statesville metropolitan area, as well as numerous out-of-town visitors. Keys to Success The keys to success in this business are:      Product quality: Food and drink are our products. They must be of the high quality and value. Service: Our patrons are paying to have a good time. Their experience will suffer if service is not of the highest caliber. Eachmember of the staff will be courteous, efficient, and attentive. Marketing: We will need to target our audience early and often. While the business is located in a central and accessible location, many people will have to be reintroduced to the neighborhood. Management: We will need to have a firm grasp on food, beverage, and labor costs. The cafe experience must be delivered in a fashion that willnot only inspire repeat business, but also encourage word-of-mouth recommendations to others. Proper inventory, employee management, and quality control are key.

Company Summary Capital Cafe will offer a food venue that also sells a range of specialist coffees, e.g. cappuccinos, latte, espresso, mocha and flavored coffees. It will also sell other beverages, e.g. tea, hot chocolate and soft...
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