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It is a comfortable place, modern and family; where you can taste typical dishes served with care and attention provided predominantly order, respect and excellent service to all our distinguished clients.Traditional breakfast like bolon with cheese, pork, mixed green tortilla, muffin and other fish. It is a place to go with family.


Mon - Fri: 06H00 - 14H00

Sat - Sun: 06H00 - 14H30


Tel: 04-2-237-372 / 04-2-644-892


El café de Tere is a successfully business in Ecuador that Teresa Castro dared to run. She has three locals and sells 1,500boulders.

At eight o'clock, the main menu is mixed bolon, good coffee, some boiled eggs and orange juice. For many, many people prefer to go El café de Tere (which is in the center of each table your pot of coffee essence and chocolate for misplaced) and order a breakfast (which will cost up to $ 3usd.

Teresa Castro a lady of Manabi . She lives 40 years in Guayaquil. Who decided to quither underpaid job like nurse and She moved to Guayaquil to sell (from the window of his home in Alborada) tipical food.

It demand boulders about 1,500 a day, plus hundreds of bolones, tortillas, bread, muchines, tamales, humitas and other typical wonders of plantain green, cheese, egg and onion.

Tere said “She sleeps with the chickens and rises with the roosters”


Over a cup of aromatic coffee and She consumes more of 900 plantains per month, papayas, yucca, oranges and other products with which it is cooked and belonging to the family business, she talks about creativity, effort and love for the job.

She said, "I do not feed you, you feed me. I have to make reliability selling all my products with a good quality.Location

The first Café de Tere was small in Alborada street and now are three locations .Some things have not changed in ten years of work. Her husband, Edward Procel, she and her children are constantly in different locations. Of course, before they were only now employ and train 25 people. Some of them are studying hostelry and tourism.It is understood kindness and smile, conditions quite rare in the Ecuadorian attention.

I. The marketing plan

The various special occasions celebrated by humans motivate originality when choosing among options to enjoy some quality time in the company of their loved ones. Details and eating out have a long history, which has led to the emergence of what is known today as gift shopsand restaurants. These have had a major change that is evident when studying his background slightly.

The food, meanwhile, is a primary need of human beings, which has led it to become one of the most profitable businesses today and whose recurrence is increased during the celebration of special occasions be they; personal, like birthdays and anniversaries, or international, Valentine,father's Day, Christmas, etc.. This suggests a great acceptance by the population in terms of food service.

In the country, however, there is a largely untapped market in the food service area focused on the celebration of special occasions, such as the breakfast area. It is for this reason that this project is proposed in order to implement both, in-home delivery breakfast containing additionaldetail in order to show affection to family and special people.It is specifically designed this business model in order to implement a new service on the market Guayaquil, which seeks to provide a quality service to meet the needs of those consumers who do not have many options when giving gifts, present or details, offering Complete breakfast containing the vitamins necessary to start a pleasant day...
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