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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2011
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Homework article cafta Gilberto Ugalde Sarabia

Tri to reduced costs help U.S. companies meet the challenges posed by increased competition from China andSoutheast Asia.
The article speaks so much things about a trade in America that try to eliminate all the tariffs and trade barriers and expand regional opportunities for theworkers manufacturers consumers farmers, etc. this trade was inspired for the trade than exist between E.U., Canada and Mexico, the finality of this trade is trickledown to our less developed partners. Simply this type of trades make to do the growing up of the economies and open all the markets and make easy the internationalcommerce and eliminate unnecessary tariffs between the countries the CAFTA was firmed between Dominican republic, el Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, andUnited States, and Costa Rica lastly.

There is the primary points of CAFTA are expand and diversify trade, eliminate trade barriers, promote fair competition,increase investment opportunities protect and enforce intellectual property rights and establish a framework for further bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation tolead to a free trade area of the Americas. That means that it can concentrate on Contributing those goods or services that it can produce or provide most efficientlyand inexpensively, In some cases, such as in the textile industry, prices continue, but they allow greater amounts of specified goods to be exported and Importedbetween the countries as compared to first CAFTA agreements, and it gives them access to low cost labor and lowers barriers to trade by reducing or eliminating tariffs.
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