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  • Publicado : 4 de febrero de 2011
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Acid preservativo on sponge cakes...
Data were analyzed applying a multíp.'/o comparisons test to de-tect if the batches showed differences between them, from the sta-tistícal point of view. TheStatgraphics Statistical Graphics System (STSC Inc. and Statistical Graphics Corp., Rockville, Md., U.SA.) program (versión 5.0) was used for these analyses.
Results and Discussion
The bacterial andyeasts counts were below 1 log CFU/g in all the batches studied and in all cases. Table 1 gives the mean mold counts obtained in the cakes made with the test preservative and stored under the differenttemperatura and RH conditions during the 120 d of storage. Table 2 gives the mean valúes of aw and pH of the 3 batches (2 of them with the test preservative added and 1 control) and maintained underconditions A, B, and C.
It can be seen that in baten 2, with 1 g/kg of this preservative, funga! growth was observed since 45 d of storage for A and B con­ditions. In the case of this lot, the spongecakes stored at 24 °C and 43% RH showed fungal growth at 60 d (4.89 log propagules/g). The lower RH under C conditions could influence the delay of the fungal growth. From this storage period, in allthe batches, fungal growth progressively increased throughout the experiment, with signifi-cant differences (P < 0.001) between different counts.
When the control batch (batch 1) was analyzed,significan! evo-lutions of the fungal counts were obtained (P < 0.01) from day 60, with counts between 4 and 6 log propagules/g, both at 15 °C and 51% of RH and at 30 °C and 70% of RH. The ¡nidal resultswere lower at 24 °C and 43% RH, but the evolution is similarly increasing, with softly higher counts than at 30 °C and 70% RH throughout the study. These higher counts under C conditions agree with thehigher aw
Table 1 —Counts of molds from sponge cakes elaborated w¡ A, B, and C conditions.'________ ___

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