Calculador de emiciones carbon foot prints

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|[pic] |Electricity |
| |We calculate emissions from electricity generation based off of state-based figures from Department of |
| |Energy’s Energy Information Administration. On average, electricity sources emit1.297 lbs CO2 per kWh |
| |(0.0005883 metric tons CO2 per kWh). State CO2 emissions per kWh may vary greatly in accordance with the |
| |amount of clean energy in the energy supply (Vermont, Idaho: .03 lbs/kWh; North Dakota: 2.24 lbs/kWh). |
|  |Natural Gas|
| |There are 12.0593 pounds CO2 per CCF of natural gas. We multiply 12.0593 by the number of CCF consumed |
| |annually and divide by 2,205 to get metric tons of CO2 (Source: US DOE 1605(b) Voluntary Reporting of |
| |Greenhouse Gases Program.)|
| |US avg.: In 2005 62.5 million households used natural gas. Collectively, they used 4,838 billion cubic |
| |feet of natural gas annually, or 774.08 CCF (approximately 812 therms) per household or 296.58 CCF |
| |(approximately 311 therms) per personper household using natural gas. (Source: Energy Information Agency,|
| |US Census Bureau.) |
|  |Heating Oil |
| |There are 22.384 poundsof CO2 per gallon of heating oil (diesel fuel). We multiply 22.384 by the number |
| |of gallons of heating oil consumed annually and divide by 2,205 to get metric tons of CO2 per gallon. |
| |(Source: US DOE 1605(b) Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Program.) |
| |US avg.: In2004, 5,997 million gallons of heating oil were consumed by 8.1 million households, resulting |
| |in an average of 740.37 gallons per household or 283.67 gallons per person per household using heating |
| |oil. (Source: Energy Information Agency. Volume; Households.) |


Transportation|[pic] |Vehicles |
| |Unleaded gasoline has 8.87 kg (19.56 lbs) of CO2 per gallon. By dividing number of miles driven by miles |
| |per gallon, we get the number of gallons of gasoline consumed annually. We multiply this by 8.87and |
| |divide by 1,000 to get metric tons of CO2 (Source: US DOE 1605(b) Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases |
| |Program.) |
| |US avg.: Automobiles fuel efficiency (MPG) varies widely so averages are not allthat useful. It is useful|
| |for you to have an idea of your own car’s fuel economy. The average fuel economy for cars sold in 2005 is |
| |about 25.2 MPG (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.) |
| |The Department of Transportation's MOBILE 6.2 model, used by...
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