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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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Study of a Colombian International Business

With 85 years in the market, more than 150 product lines, biscuits, confectionery and meat business and a legacy as one of the flagship company ofAntioquia, Food Industries Noel knew 10 years ago, when he was breaking the economic liberalization, which had to change their work style, update its organizational culture and redefine its strategicgoals not only to survive but to grow in a more globalized and competitive market.

1. Introduction

Its executives say that everything has been a reflection of the decision to immerse themselves inthe international business world as a result of globalization, which has led to understand this message as two-way: it is not only to internationalize their sources supply, but to seek newopportunities in foreign markets. It was also the logical result of a process of production and marketing well-planned, with investments in advanced technologies to modernize their processes. But above all, hasbeen the result of continued commitment to the care and training of human talent, in turn, has pledged to remain in a constant "learning to learn “every day, with a very open attitude against change.Discussed in the company that "change is more important to build it, they suffer and, faith, he has succeeded. Not only is the market leader in food industry segments in which it participates, but asis pointed out as a player in regional market power of the Andean Community and Central America.

The target export countries are :

Caribbean: Puerto Rico, Grenada, Dominican Rep., Cuba, FrenchGuiana, Haiti, Martinique, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Antigua, St Kitts, Aruba, Dominica, Curacao, St Lucia, Barbados, St Maarten and Belize

South America: Colombia,Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Suriname, Dutch Guiana

Central America: Panama, Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.

North america: usa , canada and mexico....
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