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Perales Martinez Jazim Ivan

Monter Garcia EdmundoIng. Sistemas Computacionales

Ing. Mecatronica

Level 5

“ English “

Gabriela Téllez_______________________

The idea came to power more feasible and can reuse the technology proximity card:

"Software Project Management"

Which consists in knowing how a number of people with a purpose and ideas can be sold to a private company and / or published as a government, using somekey factors. We have a vision which is to give our idea and sell it at the beginning of development for the company that hires us is the financial solvency of us to do, and we quote you and give you different kinds of reports as the time to carry out the project or the costs of production that will have the same starting from the beginning, planning, implementation, monitoring and closure and of thesame constraints and risks.

"Accounting for Engineering" apply various important factors in our business such as direct materials, direct labor and manufacturing overhead charges and other types of costs that have the overall project.

"Programming", implement a system that takes a database to discharge a client and thus have the same user information and password to later change or addinformation that will succeed with the use of smart chip proximity .

The knowledge that we would apply our practical utility in the development of a new product. Because we sell our idea to make for us to economically substantiate and support to help implement the project.

Being able to give an idea of something you want to perform and can be useful to others is innovative because it has ideasthat could find the feasibility and the taste for them.

Before performing this idea, we came to mind the cards that most people bring in portfolios or outside them as important documents.


The idea then we thought why not do something that is fashionable and comfortable for the consumer to think of making a bracelet that contains your information through chips, as currently in use."The proximity cards are plastic cards with greater durability due to non-contact reading.

The RFID systems are increasingly in demand in importing access control where the speed and fluidity.
Proximity Card


In part, we came up with the power to remove such card market which in turn is annoying and think everybody likes to wear a bracelet not, why not do something innovative withthem.

Some time ago there was brought bracelets colors written on it thoughts or stuff like that, but missed that great a taste for them. We held them back in the market but with increased use and exploit it for their production

We asked people:

What do you like more of a card or a bracelet?

I think people in this result.


We thought why not use technology proximity card ona bracelet that can be liked by the person (user) that can be portable but much clutter out card after card, and the most important thing you can have personal information you can upload it and not use it comfortably and if they can describe.

We can replace important things like:

The voter!

[pic] [pic]

The driver's license!


The idea is to implement the use of resistantbracelets and a profit higher than it previously had expectedly for.

So that this will be of comfort to use and safe for implementing new security technologies.

And its use is essential for better management of personal information in people's lives.

We believe in integrating two chips to the bracelet and can create a thicker bracelet for durability because the proximity sensor depends on a...
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