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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Global Warming

If we do not stop pollution, and if nothing is done soon, it will be too late to take action to slow global warming, because it will reach such a degree warming will no longer seethe point of return and this will only happen in the coming decades. It is said that in this century the global temperature of Earth will increase from 1 to 6 degrees, it may not look like anything atfirst glance. But rising by degrees bring drastic consequences. When the earth reaches the third degree of increase will no longer be able to do anything, because the warming is going to becomeuncontrollable and lead to the disappearance of the Amazon because of huge fires that will be impossible to stop, that's very serious because automatically cause the temperature rises 1 or 2 degrees.
Andwhen the fourth grade increase, sea level rise because of melting icecaps of Antarctica, disappearing all coastal countries, meaning that the South American coast will be the first seriously affected.The volume containing all the ice masses on the planet, could cause the sea level rises from 60 to 70 meters! There will be superstorms never seen before, and this enormous disaster will happen muchsooner than you think, maybe even what we live, but so are our children. These are some of the many consequences that climate change will bring and indeed perhaps there are other things that neitherwe, nor imagine that could ever happen.
Climate change is a reality. Major natural disasters that occurred before each decades, now increasingly occur more often. These disasters occur with ever morefrequency and intensity. The detachment of large blocks of ice is occurring in the poles, ice masses giants hundred km. square. While the release of those blocks that collapse will have no effect onsea level rise, means a warning that something is wrong, because those such landslides are not unusual, it is because of global warming as scientists say. And that is the area most affected by...
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