Calentamiento global

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  • Publicado : 2 de junio de 2010
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Global Warming

Our planet is warming, that happens. The last ten years are the warmest since records are kept, and scientists have announced that in future even warmer. And as always, humans arethe main culprits have a direct impact of warming, popularly known as the "global warming." Global warming theory postulates that the temperature has increased since the late nineteenth centurybecause of human activities, mainly due to increased CO2 emissions of the greenhouse effect.
There are many simple steps you can take now to reduce pollution that causes global warming reduction. Makeenergy conservation part of your daily routine. Each time you choose a fluorescent bulb instead of a bulb, for example, reduces your electric bill and keeps more than 300 kilos of carbon dioxide releasedinto the air during the lifetime of the lamp. When choosing a refrigerator with the Energy Star label, indicating that at least 15% less energy than the federal requirement, rather than a model withless efficient use of energy can reduce carbon dioxide pollution near a tone.
It is still very serious, because if the planet warms, melting the ice caps. Moreover, the warmth of the sun, when itcomes to the poles, reflected back to space. And, as a result of melting icecaps, the lower the amount of heat is reflected, which causes the Earth to warm even more.

With this, more water willevaporate from the oceans, and elsewhere there will be heavy rainfall, flooding, high winds, droughts, heat waves, frost and other natural disasters. According to scientific studies, backed by the UN, itis estimated that in 2100 the average temperature of the earth will be between 1.5 and 6 degrees higher than in 1980. And that global temperatures rise, and the 15 warmest years since (1867) haveoccurred since 1980.
This is the major concern of scientists, because besides all previous disasters appointed, could produce famine and epidemics, which are common in all countries. It can also melt...
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