Calentamiento global

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¿ What it causes the Global warming?
* The dioxide of carbon and other pollutants of the air accumulate in the atmosphere forming a layer every time but thick, catching the heat of the sun andcausing the heating of the planet.
The atmospheric levels of gases hothouse have increased in a progressive way and without interruption from the Industrial Revolution, due, mainly, to the industrialenergy processes that are sustained in the employment of fossil fuels as the coal, petroleum or the most novel natural gas.
¿ Why the global warming is a threat?
The global heating will havemultiple and serious consequences:
i) Coalition of the polar ice and glaciers and consequently, a widespread ascent of the oceanic levels.
ii) Illnesses and other effects about the health.
iii) Threatsto the alimentary security.
iv) Destruction of the ecosystems and loss of the biological diversity.
v) But salinity of the water of the sea.
vi) I increase of the deserted areas and thesalinity of the floors will increase due to the variations in the level of the sea .
vii) Is expected that events meteorological ends, as waves of heat, hurricanes, floods, droughts… they are more intenseand more habitual as consequence of the thermal destabilization of the terrestrial climatic system thatmeteorological events extremes, why waves of heat, hurricanes,floods,droughts…be more intense andhabituals as consequence of the ther thermal destabilization on the system terrestrical climate.
How we can diminish the contamination that causes the global warming?
It is simple : Reducing thecontamination of the vehicles and the generating plants of energy. We should generalize the use immediately of the existent technologies to made cleaner automobiles and more modern electric powergenerators . We can begin to use renewable sources of energy with the eolic , the lot and the geothermal. Also, we can to made more efficient system and to conserve energy.
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