Calentamiento global

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  • Publicado : 21 de septiembre de 2010
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What is global warming?
Global warming refers to a gradual increase of temperature in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades recorded. While not the termindicates, is usually associated with this increase in temperature to the activities of man. Excessive production of carbon dioxide increases the existence of the greenhouse gases which are those that capturethe infrared photons coming from the earth to be heated by the sun but do not generate any chemical reaction, increasing the temperature of rotating air.
A projection over time
The projections atthe time about global warming, if taken as a basis existing measures and increases are terrible danger as glaciers and the poles, all that melted ice generate deadly floods and ecological imbalanceimpossible to control. The uncontrolled felling of trees at an alarming rate worsens the situation. Large tracts of forests and woodlands are deforested for the use of wood or to liberate the land andnoxious plant seeds such as soybeans that deplete the earth in two crops or leaving it dry and stony to be used for grazing continued.
Biodiversity, a responsibility of all
This implies the loss ofbiodiversity. It is true that large companies and factories are responsible for this situation. More real is that even if we do not strengthen environmental policies and laws to control the causes ofglobal warming, the isolated efforts will be lost. But the responsibility is extended individually to each person on the planet, out of habit and because even too late to reverse the situationtogether. This period can be closed together in ten years.
How to contribute to reducing the effects of pollution on climate change?

There are some simple things you can do to reduce global warming, becausedirectly or indirectly involve producing less carbon dioxide greenhouse effect.
Change your light bulbs for those classified as low consumption.
• Restricts the most of your water use and in...
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