Calentamiento gobal

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Assignment 1:
A time I had incredibly good luck was the day that I was sitting at a bus stop and I found a big pack of money on the floor. I think that was a fortunate experience because at thattime I was looking for a job and I was desperate in the need of money. I went to a music store and bought myself an electric guitar. This helped me a lot because I was starting a project and the guitarwas part of the investment.
Assignment 2:
A friend of mine is always hopping for a miraculous change in her life, but she never actually does anything to make it happen. She wants to become anengineer but every time she fails in the first test, she runs to drop out of the class. She also does that kind of things on a daily basis. For example: her boyfriend breaks up with her, well, instead oftrying to be strong and go on with her life, she (metaphorically speaking) sit down in a corner and cries her guts out until this guy comes back to pick her up. I have suggested her to learn how not tobe dependent on others before herself.
On the other hand, another friend of mine is very independent. He always puts his priorities in order and works according to that schedule. Everything he doesturns out right, his studies, his life, everything. He does not allow the social to affect the academic life. He is always responsible, he complies with his duties, and he always tries to stayoptimistic when a difficult situation comes his way.
Assignment 3:
Socialism is a political philosophy that encompasses various theories of economic organization based on either public or direct workerownership and administration of the means of production and the allocation of resources, basically meaning equal rights for everybody. In the most influential of all socialist theories, Karl Marx andFriedrich Engels believed the consciousness of those who earn a wage or salary ("working class") would be molded by their “conditions" of "wage slavery", leading to a tendency to seek their freedom or...
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