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1. Out of the Crisis - Edwards Deming - Cambridge University Press
This book provides a full account of Deming's thinking on the primacy of management's role in improving quality andproductivity. He demonstrates what managers do wrong and how costs, dependability and quality must be improved. This is not just another manual of techniques; Deming provides a theory of managementthat gets to the roots of the problems of industrial competitiveness, which face management today.
2. The New Economics - Edwards Deming - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The aim of this book isto provide guidance for people in management to successfully respond to the myriad changes that shake the world. Transformation into a new style of management is required. The route to take is whatDeming calls profound knowledge - knowledge for leadership of transformation. Transformation is not automatic. It must be learned; it must be led..
3. Juran on Planning for Quality - J M Juran - FreePress
Quality does not happen accidentally it must be planned" - Juan's definitive guide to a structured approach to company wide quality planning.
4. Juran on Leadership for Quality - J M Juran -Free Press
Juran clearly presents a step by step guide in how to apply the familiar business concepts of planning, control & improvement to quality leadership.
5. The Fifth Discipline - Peter Senge -Century Business
The most successful organizations of the future will be learning organizations. The organizations that excel will be those that discover how to tap into their people's commitment andcapacity to learn at every level in the company.
6. The Fifth Discipline Field Book - Peter Senge & others - Currency Doubleday
An extension of the above book concentrating in how to make the aboveideas work.
7. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey - Simon & Schuster
With penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes Covey revels a step by step pathway for living with...
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