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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2011
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The Memory Jogger(TM) II Off-the-Shelf Modular Training Materials OVERHEAD FILES This CD ROM contains uncompressed files accessable in Microsoft PowerPoint™. Please consult your MicrosoftPowerPoint(TM) documentation for opening and manipulating these files. 1.Installation/Use Instructions 2.License Agreement Installation/Use Instructions Using these overhead files requires you have a currentversion of Microsoft PowerPoint on either a Macintosh or PC with Windows(TM). To access these files: a.Start up Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer. b.From the "File" menu, choose "Open". c.Select oneof the files in the "overhead" directory. To print, choose Powerpoint in the print dialogue box and "scale to fit paper". De-select "black & white" and "pure black & white" or "grayscale".

Consultyour Microsoft PowerPoint documentation for any further assistance.

License Agreement GOAL/QPC strongly suggests you read the following license to fully understand your ownership rights. License:The text and graphics in this material, and on disk, are copyrighted by GOAL/QPC. No part of The Memory Jogger(TM) II Off-the-Shelf Modular Training Materials may be altered, reproduced, stored, ortransmitted in any form by any means without the prior written permission of GOAL/QPC. By purchasing The Memory Jogger(TM) II Off-the-Shelf

Modular Training Materials , you receive a non-exclusive,nontransferable right to use the information on these disks. As the registered user, GOAL/QPC grants you a non-exclusive license to use these disks (referred to below as “the file”) in the followingmanner: 1.GOAL/QPC grants you the right to use one copy of the file on a single-user computer. Concurrent use on two or more computers, a local area network or other network, whether stored in memory, ahard disk, or other storage device must be separately licensed by GOAL/QPC. 2. You are authorized to copy, modify, or otherwise manipulate the images in the file for your own use only. 3.You are...
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