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Ecuadorian exports of fresh and frozen fish and seafood have increased dramatically in the past decade. The main fish and seafood exports include corvine, flounder, redclaw, sardines, sea bass,shrimp, squid, swordfish, tilapia, and tuna. The warm El Niño and cold Humboldt currents meet off the Ecuadorian coast, producing the ideal habitat for a large variety of sea life. Furthermore, Ecuadoremploys modern aquacultural techniques to raise redclaw, shrimp, and tilapia, among other species of fish and seafood. The principal importers of Ecuadorian fish and seafood are Chile, Colombia, Japan,Spain, the European Union, and the Unites States.
Ecuador is the second largest producer of cultivated shrimp in the world. Ecuadorian shrimp farms have achieved this high level ofproduction as a result of their modern aquacultural techniques, as well as because Ecuador's mild climate permits year-round cultivation. Over 20 different shrimp products are exported from the country,including whole shrimp, shrimp tails, and frozen blocks of shrimp. Ecuadorian shrimp are known for their flavor, firmness, and color. The chief markets for Ecuadorian shrimp are Japan, the European Union,and the United States, which accounts for over 50% of all Ecuadorian shrimp exports.
IV)Shrimp exportations
The process of exporting our shrimp
After the whole process of seeding the shrimp into thefatten pools, feeding them and taking care of them for 4 to 8 months the shrimp is ready to be commercialized. This process starts with the crop, first the shrimp farmers start drying the pools untilthe deepness of the water turn to 20 – 30cm, them they start fishing the shrimp with nets depending on the shape of the bottom of the pool there can be several types of nets used for fishing theshrimp, the properly size of the shrimp for exporting it is ( 26 –30 shrimps for pound) so 15 to 17 gr for each shrimp. When the crop Is already fished, it Is sent to a packager company where the shrimp...
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