Camaru rojo- chanul

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Científico name: - Humiriastrum procerum, Synonymous: - Saccoglotis prowax (little) Family: - Humiriaceae Similar species: - Humyria Balsamífera, of common name Humyrí. - It is exported to other Countries of Ecuador with the Común Name of red cumarú, not being of the same species that the cumarú. - Geographic distribution: - It is possibleto be found in Costa Rica; Panama; Gyayanas; Venezuela; Peru; Ecuador until Brazil and in Colombia. - Characteristics of the Tree: - Tree that reaches a height of up to 40 meters and with a diameter of up to 1.20 meters, its straight and cylindrical trunk, with roots tablares of up to 2 meters. - Its external crust is of color COFFEE THROWING TO RED, with a thin texture something flaky or inplates with lenticelas. Its internal crust is of reddish or pale color, of sabero clearly bitter and

glassy fibrous texture. - It presents/displays simple, alternating Leaves elliptical, of festooned edge terminal. Fruit Ovoid Drupoa type and food. - It grows in forests of hills, or elevations of little altitude, in FLOODED grounds of formation tropical Humid Forest, not costituyendo sometimesAssociated Rodales almost pure and with the species Sande or Virola. - External characteristics of the Wood of Chanul: - The Whiteness is of Pink color, with gradual transition to durámen of reddish brown color with dark spots. Slightly vinegary characteristic scent when she is fresh, lacks flavor or it is not distinguished well. Brightness of medium to low, Grain intercrossed Rectum, of fine textureor median, with eteado smooth in longitudinal bands of brown color. - Drying of the Wood of Chanul: - The wood is moderately difficult to dry outdoors, presenting/displaying splits yuqueo in the ends and sides, due to them is necessary to seal the ends with special substances previously. Preservation of the wood: - It is easy to try by cualqueira of the immunization systems, in the processes ofEmpty Pressure and immersion, presents/displays a retention for the 200 whiteness from 150 to kg/m3 and for kg/m3 and one peripheral partial penetration duramen from 100 to 150. - Trabajabilidad of the wood of chanul: - He is moderately dif´cl to work with máqunas and herramentas common, thus is recommendable the use of herramentas with dien teas worn with carbide tungsten, that appears creistalesof silica, those that notch herramentas. I tend with frecjuencia to astillarese enlas borders. but generally it offers a good one finished. - Natural DURABILITY: - It is a moderately restente wood to the attack of the fungi and insects, with a duration in exteror use of 5 to 10 years, since it owns a high silica content. - USES: CROSSBEAMS FOR FEROCARRIL, FLOORS, HEAVY CONSTRUCCCIONES THAT ARE THEINTERPERIE, BODIES AND CARTWRIGHT'S SHOP, EBANISTERIA, IMPLEMENTOS FOR THE LAND, FOR TORNERÍA, ESTACANOS, BASES OF BRIDGES, NAVAL CONSTRUCTIONS, PARKET, MOLDINGS, BEAMS AND WALL-PLATES DENSIDAD: - GREEN: - 1.08 G/cm3; Dry to Air 0,87; Anhydrous: - 0,84; Basic 0.69 gr/cm3 NORMAL CONTRACTION %: - Green: - 5,8; Radial: - 3,6; Volumetric: - 9,4; T/R 1,61 TOTAL CONTRACTION: - tANGECIAL 11,1; Radial: -7,4; Volumetric 18,5; T/R 1,50 NOTE: - Due to the great contraction that presents/displays it is essential to watch this one aspect when maneuvers of much precision are required. - The mechanical properties of this one wood are very high and agrees with their densidad. -

Nombre Científico:- Humiriastrum procerum, Sinónimo:-Saccoglotis procera (little) Familia:- Humiriaceae Especie Similar:-Humyria Balsamífera, de nombre común Humyrí.Se Exporta a otros Países del Ecuador con el Nombre Común de cumarú rojo, no siendo de la misma especie que el cumarú.Distribución Geográfica:- Se puede encontrar en Costa Rica; Panamá;Gyayanas; Venezuela; Perú; Ecuador hasta el Brasil y en Colombia.Características del Arbol:- Arbol que alcanza una altura de hasta 40 metros y con un diámetro de hasta 1,20...
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