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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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Fred was a so calm child, He lived with his parents in a forest house, He had many neigbor but the relations weren´t constants because there were 4 or 5 meters between the houses.
Fred likedhelping to his mother with the house`s Works therefore she requested him help with the kitchen, however fred had never cooked but he accepted to help her.while his mother said him what he must add and whatingredients to use; he enjoyed the fact of bugle things and to créate new recipes. Then he offered her his help each time that she cooks.
After of to cook several food with his mother, Fred wantedto experience new things – Don´t to cook fate to do sustances and potions-. Although of his few chemical knowledges because he had never gone to school, he knew that it was something radical andexciting, for this each day his interest to do new mixtures raises.
Fred loved doing sustances but his parents just were concerned for the fact of that he was obsessed with the theme, everydays he diddifferent potions and he did`t with food alone fate that he had involucred plants, redolences and the mother`s makeup. Sometimes the postions exploited and melt things.
The fred`s parents believedthat fred was crazy because they didnt known about chemistry and they decided to intern him in a asylum. The asylum didn´t have prestige and the directors didn´t disturb in to realice a test to be surethat fred had a mental problem.
Overwhelmed, fred tried to explain that he wasn`t crazy but the people considered that it was a normal reaction of the people that enter.
Fred had 4 moths in theanylum when Chelsea, a psychiatrist who entered to work here. Fred interested to her because she seemed the only person really interest in to help to people. Therefore fred insisted to have therapieswith her.
Chelsea knewn that fred didn`t have mental problems and when she spoke with him, she corroborated that he was a good chemical and that the sustances that he had created were still unknown...
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