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“Where My World Began”

My world began when I arrived to Canada on September 13, 2006 with nine members of my family, my father, mother, older brother and sister, along with their children. Icame here to this country with a mentality of a focused young man; I was sixteen when arrived here, and my thoughts of moving on and becoming a professional oil engineer, changed with the strugglesof not knowing the language.

I joined St. Thomas Aquinas fifteen days later. St. Thomas Aquinas (STA), the first high school I went to, great school loved it. But the problems I started tohave were not helping me too much. I was always surrounded by Colombian friends I meet there, so I was not doing much to learn the language that it was going to help me move on, and get the goals Iwanted. Also there was a group young boys, most of them Canadian with Italian background. They hated us a lot, they thought we were racist and so do we. We were just eighteen of us at that time, and weused to get together on the hall way beside a big window, and every time these group of young boy passed by us, we laughed and said things in Spanish. But in the cafeteria at lunch time when some of uswere alone these group of boys would do the same thing and we ended up swearing at each other and fighting after class.
Also there was a young man whose Nick Name was “Pachela”, he was Canadian, buthis background was Italian also. He was racist, and the popular boy of the school, so nobody could say anything to him; He heated any kind of Spanish people. Every day he used to make up things aboutus and lie to the group of boys, so we start arguing and ended up fighting. I heated this kid so much, until one day, he came up yelling and saying all those bad words we know. Of course, I did notunderstand what he was saying, so we started a huge fight at school and we ended up being suspended for three days.

Because of all this problems, I decided to move to another school, which it...
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