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Sylvia: the office! What did you do there?
Kate: i wrote a report.
Sylvia: did you work all day?
Kate: No. I placed tennis in the afternoon.

Absentminded Mr. Newton

Mr Newton wasn’t a genius, and he wasn’t a fool; he was absent minded. One day he left work at the usual time, six o`clock. He felt verycold outsider, and he didn`t understand… but of course he didn`t have his coat. it was in the office. He went back to the office and got his coat. on the wayhome he went to the club. He Usually saw his friends there on tuesday that day he didn`t see them. They weren`t there. Them he remenbered: it wasn`t tuesday; itwas wednesday.

Mr. Newton wasn’t Worrie then; he was hungry. He ate some bread, soup, meat, and potatoes and he drank some milk. After supper he fellasleep. Later, Mt. Newton heard thieves enter the house. They didn’t make much noise, and they did’ th turn on the linghts. Mr. Newton was very afra id, and hedind’t move. He took a chair in his hand. He stood up slowly. He lifted the chair, and then he heard:
“father! What are you doing?”
Now he remembered. Itwasn’t thieves. It was his familia!

Answer the questions

Zas mi. Newton a genius OR a fool?
When does he Ushuaia leave work?
How did he feel outside?Where was his coat?
Did he see his friends at the club?
Was it tuesday?
Was his Family home at einght o’clock?
Who did Mr. Newton call?
What did he tellhis friend?
Where was his Family?
What did he do after supper?
What did he hear later?
What did Mr. Newton do with the chair?
Did thieves enter the house?
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