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Gamesa G9X
Technological Evolution



G87 G80


Economic progress and sustainable development. Innovative evolution. Global capacity for production, installation and operation and maintenance.


Discovering the Gamesa G9X: Maximum productivity. Advantages of the Gamesa G9X platform. Technical characteristics.



Gamesa G9X
Evolución TecnológicaGamesa G9X
Evolución Tecnológica

Economic progress Sustainable development


Gamesa knows that technology is the fundamental focal point of its activities. One example of this is the substantial R&D efforts the Spanish company has made to introduce improvements to its Gamesa G8X platform. Technology characterized by robustness, reliability and adaptability to all types of sites and windconditions, from the toughest, most demanding locations to situations with medium to light winds. This is a technology that has been very well received for which a growing demand has been felt right from the beginning, backed by a very

high adaptation capacity proven by the more than 8,400 MW of power installed in 15 countries. The company's significant experiencebase and its indepth knowledge of market needs and demands have enabled it to develop technological improvements in this platform. The evolution and incorporation of substantial innovations in design, products and features have put the new Gamesa G9X platform on the path to leadership in the multi-megawatt segment.
The first GW installed, Gamesa G8X 4 GW installed, Gamesa G8X 8 GW installed, GamesaG8X

These are the great challenges facing today's society. Gamesa is tackling this challenge in the area of energy management and generation by developing technologies that contribute to sustainable energy in a clean, efficient and profitable manner. By harnessing the best and most modern technologies in junction with its high industrial potential, Gamesa continues to improve the efficiency andcapacity of its products and services by designing and manufacturing of ever more advanced wind turbines. The purpose of this activity is to guarantee full customer satisfaction, to develop more efficient technologies, products and services and to ensure that Gamesa’s range of products is the most competitive on the market.

The first G87 aeg is installed in Lubián (Spain)

2003 2002
Thefirst Gamesa G80 aeg is installed in Aguallal (Spain)

Gamesa G9X
Evolución Tecnológica

The first aeg Gamesa G80 60Hz installed in Koshizaki (Japan)

Gamesa G9X
2004 2005 2006 2007


The largest wind G8X wind farm in the USA is installed (Cayuga Ridge)

Evolución Tecnológica

The first aeg Gamesa G90 installed in Almendarache (Spain)

New Gamesa G8X farm installationsopened in the USA

Launch of the new Gamesa G9X


EUROPE USA 2 production centers
blades and nacelles more than 2,100 MW installed by Gamesa

Gamesa is a company specialized in sustainable energy technologies, primarily wind power. With more than 15 years of experience, Gamesa is one the world's leading designers, manufacturers, installers and maintainers of wind turbines, withmore than 18,000 MW installed in twenty countries on four continents. Within this sector, Gamesa manages the entire process from design, manufacture and installation of wind turbines, through and including their operation and maintenance. Gamesa designs and manufactures its own blades, blade roots and moulds for blade and tower manufacture as well as the assembly of its wind turbines. Gamesa alsoworks with other companies that manufacture other components that are particularly important in a wind turbine, such as the gear boxes, generators and convertors. Its industrial capacity allows it to fully control the production process, from design to manufacture of the various critical wind-turbine components, offering its customers the highest quality standards and shortest customer response...
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